Timeless Touch Massage, LLC

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Gift Certificates:
The experience of a massage is priceless!  Gift certificates are perfect for any special occasion.  

Chair Massage Events:
Do you have an event that you would like to include chair massage for your friends or employees?  Contact me for more information.

Massage Available at Your Office:
Are you aware that more and more employers are recognizing that regular massage can reduce the physical and mental effects of stress, thereby reducing job burnout and stress related health problems.  70% of workers surveyed identified their job as the most stressful factor in their life.  Since stress is the number one cause of disability, due to health problems, it can cost employers millions of dollars a year on lost productivity and increased health care costs.  Let's compare the benefits:

Company Benefits                                                 Employee Benefits
Increases Employee Retention                              Relieves Anxiety
Improves Productivity                                             Enhances Creative Thinking
Enriches Workplace Culture                                  Lowers Muscle Tension & Pain
Decreases Absenteeism                                        Helps Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury
Improves Overall Company Health                         Improves Job Satisfaction

Get your co-workers together, talk to your supervisor and/or manager, and benefit from a much needed massage while at work.  At just $1 per minute, a minimum of 5 individuals need to receive this service in order for no travel fee to be charged.  Individuals would sign up for 5-15 minutes of massage.  What a wonderful way to begin, or end, the day!

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