Timeless Touch Massage, LLC

How Often Should I Receive Massage?

Your body is the best judge when asking this question.  For those wishing to maintain the optimal benefits through massage, it is suggested that

a routine schedule of one massage every 4-6 weeks be established.  For those that need attention for specific treatment issues, a more frequent schedule of up to once per week might prove beneficial.  Once such specific treatment issues begin to improve, the frequency of sessions can be changed to meet a client's needs. 


Are There Any Side Effects?

There may be some slight discomfort in the first day/two following a massage.  This is usually the case when an individual has never had a massage, or deep pressure was used during the massage session.  This discomfort should be no more than that following a good workout and should not last for more than 2-3 days.  It can also be addressed through the use of ice, heat, or your choice of an anti-inflammatory.


Are There Any Contraindications?

Your practitioner should be aware of any health problems you have.  These include diabetes, high blood pressure, open sores, varicose veins, joint replacements, recent surgeries etc.  Having any of these conditions does not mean that you cannot have a massage, just that these issues need to be discussed before the session begins in order for you to receive the best benefit.


Do I Need to Take Off My Clothes?

No.  However, it is suggested in order to receive the best quality massage  Your practitioner will ask that you remove your clothing, however, you may opt to leave on underwear, socks, and such if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Why Does the Therapist Need to Know my Medical Information?
It's important that your massage therapist is aware of any medical conditions that may be a contraindication to massage, or that may be affected by massage.  Also, medications may be a cause for concern with your massage therapist.  Be sure to fill out your medical form completely.

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