Timeless Touch Massage, LLC

Prices Effective 1/01/2019

30 minute massage = $40   (seniors 65+ pay $30)
60  minute massage = $65   (seniors 65+ pay $50)
90 minute massage = $90   (seniors 65+ pay $70)
120 (2 hours) massage = $120 (seniors 65+ pay $90)

Relaxation Massage:  As the name implies, it is specifically for relaxation purposes.  This massage helps the body relieve the stress of your day.  Gentle manipulation of the tissues throughout your body are incorporated in this massage.  It leaves one refreshed and in a relaxed state of mind. 
Please allow 60, or 90-minutes for this massage.

Therapeutic Massage:  Focusing on specific problem areas this therapy adds a deeper massage to identify, focus on, and relieve restricted tissues.  Clients frequently combine this technique with a relaxation massage to allow the body and mind to fully experience a restful state. 
Please allow 30-90 minutes for this massage.

Lymphatic Massage:  A blocked lymph system can cause the body to retain fluids, thereby increasing the amount of metabolic waste in your system.  A Lymphatic Massage is very light and designed to relieve the lymph system and enhance your immune system.  It, too, has a very calming effect on your body and mind. 
Please allow 60-minutes for this massage.

       Other services Available:

  • Foot Massage:  Hot towels are used in this delicious process.
  • Pregnancy Massage:  Great for the mother-to-be to assist with changing body conditions and it benefits the developing baby, too.
  • Geriatric Massage:  Designed for the mature adult or those with medical conditions that require special attention.  Available at the home, apartment, or assisted living center. 
  • LOMI LOMI Massage:  One client described this as, "A delicious experience!".  This is a massage from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
  • Facial Massage:  Incorporates the use of hot/steamed towels and honey to leave one's face glowing and refreshed.
  • REIKI:  REIKI means "Universal Life Energy".  REIKI is a gentle process that assists healing by opening the mind to clear the body of emotional and/or mental blocks.  The client is fully dressed during this session and the practitioner places their hands on or above the areas that may be affected and allows the energy to pass through to be revealed.
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