Timeless Touch Massage, LLC

Peg (Margaret) Dienhart, LMT
WI Lic # 10124-146
Timeless Touch Massage, LLC


Office Locations:
7827 Hwy 60 (inside PULSE)
Cedarburg, WI  53012

The Gables of Germantown
(A Senior Living Community)
N109 W17075 Ava Circle
Germantown, WI  53022

*please contact me directly for an appointment, today!

Peg Dienhart is a Wisconsin State Licensed Massage Therapist and has been working independently for over 10 years.  Her initial training was at Blue Sky School of Massage Therapy and Bodywork to prepare her for this adventure, but her life experiences add great insight to her knowledge base.  Following her initial course of massage study, she now incorporates many techniques learned from taking continuing education programs.  This incredible combination provides clients an optimal treatment. Her touch has been referred to as; miracle fingers, hands of grace, and empowering – yet nurturing. 


Passionate about massage, she recognizes the importance of touch and communication.  Peg has travelled and worked with incredible teachers within the US and the high mountains of Peru.  Some may say massage and/or healing energy work is a luxury, however, in reality it is an excellent resource that supports a person’s overall physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Peg’s mission is to inspire, nurture and support an individual’s overall health, balance and wholeness, for those desiring a more deeply enhanced lifestyle.

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